Nanoworld: Haikus

Alone with myselves,
Always a clone of myselves,

As the dividing
iris spreads we are family
|| members

My own eyes reflect
The pained and curious gaze
Of questions answered.

Leaves on the branch
We were and now
no longer.

faces surround me,
lost in myself.

Abandoned, alone.
In a world of ups and downs,
Carbon, copy, clone.

My very own face:
Large smile, deep stare, does he care?
I have to kill him.

No mirror nearby
Still, my many reflections
Doing what I don't.

I would have cloned you,
If I knew you were sterile,
Departed Father.

I claim my intentions.
I own my point of view.
You are I.

Burning robots bright,
Shining like the sun at height,
Crumbling back to dust.

Nano was a clone 
He did the best that he could 
Alas the world ends

Sameness everywhere.
I am not like the others,
Though we look alike.

My six pack is gone:
First two sadly communist,
Last four to traitors.

Clones mimicking clones
Mirrored gestures don't quite match
Synchronized discord

A crowd of faces
All of them look just like me
Don't make me angry

Clone in bed with wife.
I can play my X-Box games
until sunrise comes.

A springtime of self
Left with the unbearable
Winter of others.

Am I a man or
An identical copy?
I'd rather not know.

The strangers wonder,
"How do we tell ourselves apart?"
Why would we want to?

Many worlds apart,
All these people are the same
Until they awake.

Face in the mirror,
Same as in the vat liquid.
Which of us is real?

Same skin and pale meat
Same face and hands and long bones
But my mind is mine

Snowflakes - different
in so many sparkling ways -
not like us at all.

Ten to twelve: success.
Seven to nine: make a choice.
Six or less? My turn.
~Also Adam

Heavy steps on stone
A mighty army of one
Lo, I am legion

Far closer than twins
Clones wordlessly think-speaking
Silently hunt yo.

The root is the same
You, me, us
Why live in such shame

I and I and I
We make a pretty good team.
You two are so hot.

We ten thousand cells,
Made to be one, together.
And me a cancer.

Every day the sea,
takes a million grains of sand -
nothing ever changes.

My fact repeated,
I stare into my own blue eyes.
Do I stare back?

Wrought from dark science,
Single of mind and purpose,
Revel my brothers.

We spring fresh into life. 
With the dawn comes whispered self doubt.
Am I you or me?