What's a Nano-game?
Nano-game, n.
                           1. A game that's smaller than a micro-game or mini-game.
                           2. A game contained on a card or similarly small format.
                           3. A game measured in words rather than pages.
                           4. A shockingly short but complete game.
                           5. A "science-fiction-y" descriptor for a tiny game
                           6. An arbitrary term keeping neither design in nor designers

                          Etymology.  A marketing term for a small game, which came
                                                    into vogue among independent game designers
                                                    in the spring of 2013.

Games, Great and Small
Here are some tiny games, by other designers, that you should check out:

The Vast & Starlit Library and What is a Roleplaying Game? by Epidiah Ravachol

The Sundered Lands, a nano-game anthology, by Vincent Baker

Witch House and Deeds and Doers by Ben Lehman

SPYFI by Emily Care Boss

Clones! by Erika Chappell

Nanoworld: A Game of Clones by Marshall Miller

Sad Things on Index Cards by Ben Wray and Marshall Miller

Lover of Jet and Gold, Heart of Bronze, and The Name of Bronze by Joshua A. C. Newman

Birds Are Amazing and Strangers by Hannah Shaffer 

Glimpse by Evan Rowland

Crusaders Uncaped by John Sheldon 

Pico Game Library by Joe Greathead

Runaway Hirelings by Thomas Novosel

Neptune Towers by Juliusz Doboszewski

Clank by Tim Koppang

Crash Into You by Kira Scott

Adventurer and Troll by Shawn McCarthy

Fill My Position and Here on Business by James Wallis

Nutshell by Grant Davis

Cheat Your Own Adventure by Shane Mclean

Twenty-Four Game Poems by Marc Majcher

In the Deep, Dark, Weird Forest (2014 Fastaval Nanogame Anthology)

200 Word RPG Challenge (2015-2019) organized by David Shirduan, Marshall Miller, and Jacqueline Bryk

#Feminism: A Nano-Game Anthology (2016) edited by Anna Westerling, Misha Bushyager, and Lizzie Stark

Assorted small Norwegian Style games authored or presented by Matthijs Holter

For some great commentary and interviews regarding nanogames, see the Penny Red Podcast (ep. 56, 60, 64)


The slightly longer (1-page) but still to0-cool-to-miss  World of Dungeons, GHOST/ECHO, and Lasers and Feelings by John Harper